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Re: completion listing and singlelinezle. Not!

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> A colleague pointed out to me that somebody on comp.unix.shell found out
> that singlelinezle completely screws up completion listings.  They were
> using 4.0.4, but it's still that way.  It doesn't depend on old or new
> completion, nor on alwayslastprompt (which they didn't seem to know
> about).  I can understand that alwayslastprompt wouldn't work too well if
> you can't go up, but completion listings should surely work.
> I tried back in 3.0.6 (pre-installed on this Solaris 5.8 system) and it
> sort-of worked, without alwayslastprompt behaviour, but there is an odd bug
> that the display doesn't get refreshed properly until you type another
> character.  I hope that's an old bug we don't need to worry about any
> more.
> I can't get news myself here, so can't pass on the message or email.

As far as I can see in zrefresh(), with singlelinezle it gives up
(zle_refresh.c:394ff) before coming to the code that decides whether
the list has to be displayed (line 650).


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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