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Re: ssh completion problem

Bart wrote:
> Right again, so far ... however, in looking at my own _complete_debug
> output *before* applying your patch, the odd thing is that the first
> compadd is failing for no apparent reason.  That is, for completion
> `lll@', it does `tmp=(bbb.com)' and `compadd -F _comp_ignore -a tmp',
> but even though bbb.com is not ignored, still the compadd returns 1.

I can't reproduce that.

> > I think the patch below is the right fix - provided tmp can't be
> This doesn't work as I want.  With the patch, the values from
> become the only possible matches, so I can't complete other

Ah sorry, testing $#tmp was basically wrong. The correct nasty hack
would be to use compadd -O thusly:

-  compadd "$@" -a tmp || { (( $+functions[_$key] )) && "_$key" "$@" }
+  (( i=argv[(i)-F] ))
+  compadd -O all "${(@)argv[1,i]}" "${(@)argv[i+2,-1]}" -a tmp
+  if (( $#all )); then
+    compadd "$@" -a tmp 
+  elif (( $+functions[_$key] )); then
+    "_$key" "$@"
+  fi

This is working around what I think is a fundamental problem with
nested tag loops where an outer loop splits tags into labels:
Suppose that an outer tag loop separately completes several labels for
a tag and that there is an inner tag loop for which there is a defined
tag-order. It can't then be known in the inner loop if matches are
added for a tag because it might be ignoring matches for a different
label which are added after it back-tracks to the outer tags loop and
then down to the inner loop with a new tag label. Without this
knowledge, the inner loop can't know whether to allow tags which appear
later in the tag-order to be completed.

Using a tags loop in _combination runs in to problems with this. The
following patch appears to work:

-local sep tag style keys pats key num tmp
+local sep tag style keys pats key num tmp expl i all ret=1

+  _my_accounts() {
+    _wanted hosts expl host compadd "$@" -a tmp
+  }

-  compadd "$@" -a tmp || { (( $+functions[_$key] )) && "_$key" "$@" }
+  _tags "$tag" "not-$tag"
+  while _tags; do
+    (( $+functions[_$key] )) &&
+        _requested "not-$tag" expl 'ignore' "_$key" "$@" && ret=0
+    _requested "$tag" expl '' _my_accounts "$@" && ret=0
+    (( ret )) || break
+  done

More by luck than judgement however as looking up the tag-order with
the my-accounts tag is clearing _comp_ignore. The little _my_accounts
function is then needed so that we get one last _next_label loop to
separate the hosts out again.

Only dividing tags into labels before compadds might be a way to
solve this. I need to investigate further because I don't fully
understand how tags and labels work. I may have badly misunderstood
things so far. Sven?

This is unrelated but out of interest, why is the _next_labels stage
skipped in some completion functions?


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