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RE: Help with compile problem

I successfully installed GNU gawk and sed but get the same result!

I was able to compile zsh 4.0.4 using gcc, is there any thing
uniquie about 3.0.3 that would cause the problem although gawk and sed
compiled OK with gcc 3.0.3


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> From: lantern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:lantern@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]On
> Behalf Of Bart Schaefer
> Sent: Wednesday, 13 February 2002 9:47 am
> To: Ken Moorley
> Subject: RE: Help with compile problem
> On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Ken Moorley wrote:
> > Tried from scratch, tried make distclean all with the same result!
> What we (please send to zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxx, not just to me; I don't
> have a SCO system but someone else might) need to see is the "make" output
> from that clean build.  Some things were obviously not getting rebuilt
> before, but it's hard to tell why during what may be an incremental
> compilation.
> A possible cause of the problem is that configure is finding nawk as the
> awk-equivalent on your system; it might be mishandling the awk scripts
> that are used to construct some of the Makefiles.  It'd be best if you
> could get GNU awk (or make sure it's first in your $PATH if you already
> have it).
> It's also possible that your sed is not working the way the zsh Makefiles
> expect.

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