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Re: new SourceForge terms

On Feb 14,  5:34pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
}  --- Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} > This is fairly common practice and doesn't alarm me by itself.  What
} > *does* bother me is that I haven't received the currently-required
} > email
} > notice.
} I received it. Perhaps yours went to an old address or got spam blocked
} (Yahoo filtered mine into the spam folder).

Last mail I had from s(ource)?f(orge)?\.net was Jan 22, which is lot more
than 15 days ago.  But it worked then.

} > zsh.org is sort of a distributed entity right now, isn't it?
} Er, in what way? It resolves to one place only.

Right, but the pages you get at www.zsh.org just direct you off to
zsh.sunsite.dk and mirrors for anything useful (other than the list
archives).  There's no point in redirecting zsh.org to the sources
site unless we're going to move _everything_ to the same place.

} > One thing I'd like to do is preserve the contents of the patch
} > manager, particularly the patches for old releases.
} That's the problem with their tracker - you can't back it up easily and
} I can't easily stick the data on a floppy to access from home. I'd
} prefer to use TODO and BUGS files in cvs to track anything that doesn't
} get resolved on the mailing list.

That's separate from the patch manager, but in general I agree.  It's
just harder to get anyone to keep the TODO and BUGS files up to date.

} As I've mentioned before, the easiest way to preserve those 3.0.8
} patches would be to release a 3.0.8a.

Sigh, yes.  Maybe I'll find time for it soon.  (Right now I'm dealing
with changing ISPs for brasslantern.com because my current one has
dropped dial-up support without reducing the web hosting fees.)

} Or we could stick it in CVS as a separate module.

You mean stick the patches in CVS, or stick 3.0.x in CVS?

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