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Re: ssh completion problem

 --- Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 

> > One idea I have for solving the main part of the problem is only
> doing
> > a _next_labels loop around final compadd commands. This loop would
> need
> > to loop over all labels for every tag for which an _requested is in
> our
> > funcstack. It would lose some flexibility such as a tag-order like:
> >   'hosts:-domain users' 'hosts:-ipaddr ports'
> > no longer being possible ...

> >  ... limitations so I'll be doing some further thinking. 

> But interesting ideas already...

The only other solution I've thought of would be to defer all tag/label
loops until the very end after all matches are added. It'd need to
track the path of added matches building up a list of associated tags.
It would allow the mixed label/tag tag-orders like the example above
but be less efficient because unwanted matches would be generated.

I think I prefer my first idea which also has the advantage of being
closer to the current system. I don't think separate tag and label
ordering would matter much. I've still got some lines of thought I want
to follow though.

If the tags dependence on funcstack to track nested tags loops goes, we
may need to act on a tag loop exiting. Currently, we break out of the
loops with `(( ret )) || break'. Can't that be done with a
compstate[nmatches] test in _tags - I'd prefer if we didn't have to set
and test $ret there anyway.

> > I'd have expected an _requested if around the _next_label prefixes
> loop
> That's only needed when there are two or more possible tags. If the
> only tag offered isn't wanted by the user the _tags in the while loop
> never returns non-zero (and hence we don't really need a loop there).

Ah, that explains.

> > and an _next_labels loop inside the _requested urls if. I thought
> > _requested only used _all_labels if it got description arguments.
> That's left to the _wanted, _newsgroups and that _tags-loop, it
> seems.

Okay, but those _wanted calls use a different tag. Labels setup for the
urls tag might not then be handled.



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