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Completion for pine is broken

This dates from long, long ago, possibly from the introduction of _pine.
(As you can guess, I hardly ever start pine from the shell; it's always
running in its own xterm and I just open new folders from the pine menus).

There's this snippet in _pine:

if [[ -n $+_cache_pine_options ]]; then
  for optfile in ~/.pinerc /etc/pine.conf; do
    if [[ -f $optfile ]]; then
      getopts="cat $optfile"
  _cache_pine_options=( $($=getopts | sed -n 's/^\([^#]*=\).*/-\1/p') )

And then there's my .pinerc, which has this fragment:

folder-collections=Mail mail/[],
        "Archives on zanshin.com" {zanshin.com}/archive/[%],
        Home [],
        "Home on zanshin.com" {zanshin.com/debug}/home/schaefer/[]

The double quotes in those folder-collection names wreak havok.  In general,
any word in a .pinerc can be a quoted string.  I really don't follow what
that code in _pine is supposed to be doing, but whatever it is is broken.

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