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Re: older issues

On Feb 20, 11:15pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Subject: older issues
} I think that each of the following should either be put into Etc/BUGS or
} the documentation.  Any comments?
}     * Unrandom $RANDOM in subshells

Not a bug, so definitely shouldn't be in BUGS.  The doc for RANDOM could
make it more explicit that the results are is an intentionally repeatable
psuedo-random sequence.

}     * time and repeat builtins don't mix

What does this mean?  "repeat N time ..." works fine; "time repeat N ..."
works just as well as "time" works with any other builtin (which is to
say, it doesn't time builtins at all).  There's no reason to record this
_specific_ instance of "time" not working with a builtin.

}     * certain prompt expansions are elided if LINES<3

As I just noted in another message, this is a SINGLE_LINE_ZLE effect, and
is not a bug per se.

}     * Zsh should clean up its signals on startup

I think zsh already does exactly the "cleaning up" that it means to.  I
don't agree with what you think it "should" do.

I'm not sure where to document the behavior; Invocation?  Jobs & Signals?
(The "Signals" subsection is pretty brief.)

}     * zsh does not know how to handle multibyte characters

That belongs on a TODO list, not in a BUGS file or the doc.

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