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Re: Completion for pine is broken

On Feb 21, 12:54pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} I wouldn't have guessed you'd be running pine at all instead of Z-mail.

I use Z-Mail at home and pine at work.  Linux Z-Mail has never been re-
linked for glibc6 or the newer X11 libraries (and probably depends too
much on the internals of old OSF-Motif libraries to do so without a lot
of work).  Why do you think I'm still running RedHat 5.2 at home?
} That code was there to try to pick up a .pinerc file to get a list of
} all the configuration options. What I can't remember is why I got it
} to try .pinerc files before running pine -conf. It might have been
} because it was faster or it might have been because running pine -conf
} omits some options.

"pine -conf" dumps only the global configuration, so it's probably the

} I don't use pine so only ever tested it with a default pine
} configuration. Can you try the attached (to avoid word-wrap) patch and
} let me know if it works.

Actually I've already committed a change to _pine to use [-a-z] in the
sed regex instead of [^#].  That seems to take care of it.  However,
having a style is probably a good idea.

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