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Menu-selection screen refresh slowness

On Feb 21, 12:54pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Every configuration item in pine can be used on the command line like a
} normal option. [...]
} As an aside, _pine could perhaps use two calls to _arguments so that
} you can select between the two sets of options with a tag-order.

I was just trying out this completion while using ssh over my dialup PPP
link, and I have to say that the screen refresh behavior of the menu-
selection display is absolutely appalling.  It redraws the entire listing
every time you move to a new selection -- which, on a mid-speed link with
a completion listing that fills a 64-line xterm, means a full second or 
more every time you press a cursor key.

"zed -f" on a long function, by contrast, works about as well as any editor,
except on scrolling of very long lines.

Also, I found a bug, but I'm not sure how to give instructions to repeat
it.  When I got to the end of the (two screenfuls of) pine options and
pressed down-arrow, which normally cycles back to the top of the column,
the selection instead moved up exactly one line.  Down-arrow would just
cycle between those two choices thereafter.

Aside:  It'd be really nice of beginning-of-buffer/end-of-buffer worked
in menu-selection.  It'd be even nicer if searching worked.

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