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Re: _cvs and .cvsignore

On Feb 28,  6:49pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Subject: _cvs and .cvsignore
} What is the code in _cvs_files_unmaintained supposed to do with regard
} to the contents of .cvsignore?  If _cvs_nonentried_files is ignoring
} those files, but _cvs_strict_nonentried_files is adding them, why ignore
} them in the first place?  What am I missing?

That the || operator is short-circuiting?  _cvs_files_unmaintained will
first attempt to complete files that are neither in CVS nor in .cvsignore
(_cvs_nonentried_files); if that doesn't find anything (||) it attempts
to complete existing directories; and if there are none of those, then
it completes files that aren't in CVS whether they are ignored or not.

I have the feeling I must be misinterpreting your question.  Perhaps you
mean "why bother completing them when cvs won't do anything with them?"
I think the answer to *that* is "principle of least surprise" -- so that
we don't get lots of "why can't I complete this file?  It's right there
in the directory" questions mailed to zsh-users, among other things.

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