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Re: Per command _redirect completion

Still having problem with the latest uncommitted patch:  When trying to
complete TZ I get:
_do_type:31: ':' without '?'

Which only happens from a shell where .zcompdump didn't pre-exist.  Subsequent
shells seem to work.

Also, completion for command flags/args doesn't work.  The command's completion
function is not being called.
I try:
 gzip -<TAB> 

in an empty directory and get "no match for: `file'".

I like the new changes a lot (assuming they work).  It wasn't clear to me how
completion for different redirection operators will work.  It seems that you
can only specify one redirection completer.  Which will have to do the
remaining work of figuring what completion function to use, if you want one for
input and one for output.  (And another for stderr, etc.)  It seems like that
information should be part of the compdef call.  All my command specific
redirection completers  currently are for commands that provide output, the
input comes from command line args, so it didn't matter.  But I can easily see
there being commands where input and output files from redirection are
completely different.  So the user will want to use different functions.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author