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Core dump on completion after `for'

% ./zsh -f
% for f in <TAB>zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  ./zsh -f

It's at the first sprintf in the following in get_comp_string().  tok is
51, which is FOR, which is out of range for tokstrings, which only
handles tokens looking like punctuation.

	if (inredir) {
            rdstr = rdstrbuf;
            if (tokfd >= 0)
                sprintf(rdop, "%d%s", tokfd, tokstrings[tok]);
                strcpy(rdop, tokstrings[tok]);
            strcpy(rdstr, rdop);

We've got to this branch because redir is set for special commands which
take lists in ctxtlex():

    if (IS_REDIROP(tok) || tok == FOR || tok == FOREACH || tok == SELECT) {
	inredir = 1;

so there are two ways to handle it:  make these three tokens special
cases of redirections, or simply ignore the inredir flag for them.

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