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Re: Redirection completion

I wrote:

> ...
> I'm not going to commit this patch before I get replies, but I like
> it.  A lot.  Because it makes things easier without losing power.
> One thing we could think about is a standard for offering more
> information in the context name.  I used parts separated by hyphens
> becuase that's what we used before for sub-commands, but maybe there's
> a better way or more places where we can offer more information.

I forgot to say: somehow I think the way this is handled now is
connected to the problem with default completions.  My thoughts are
very fuzzy, though.  For values and redirections we now have a (what I
consider) clean way to give default completions.  I know that the
my-accounts thing is on a different level, but does it have to be?

Does anyone have the same feeling?  Any ideas?


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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