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PATCH: sccs completion

This adds a completion for sccs. It may not be perfect because I'm no
expert on sccs usage. I wrote it ages ago and don't have a copy of
sccs to verify it against now - though I did check against some man
pages on the web.


#compdef sccs admin cdc comb delta get help prs prt rmdel sact sccsdiff unget val what

(( $+functions[_sccs_files] )) ||
_sccs_files() {
  local dir=${PROJECTDIR:-~+}/${PREFIX##*/}/$finalpath

  compset -P '*/'
  _files -W $dir -g \*\(:s/s.//\) "$@"

local curcontext="$curcontext" state line
typeset -A opt_args
local subcmds ropt copt sfiles finalpath

  admin cdc check clean comb create deledit delget delta diffs edit
  enter fix get help info print prs ptr rmdel sact sccsdiff tell
  unedit unget val what

ropt='-r+[specify sccs delta id]:sccs delta id'
copt='-c+[specify date]:date-stamp'

if [[ $service = sccs ]]; then
  _arguments -C -A "-*" \
    '-r[run with real and not effective user ID]' \
    '-d+[specify root prefix]:root prefix:_directories' \
    '-p+[specify subdirectory of history file]:path to history file:_directories' \
    '*::command:->subcmd' && return 0

  if (( CURRENT == 1 )); then
    _wanted commands expl 'sccs command' compadd -a subcmds

case $service in
    _arguments "$ropt" "$sfiles" \
      '-b[force encoding of binary data]' \
      '-h[check structure of s.file]' \
      '-n[create a new history file]' \
      '-z[recompute file checksum]' \
      '-a+[add access for a user or group]:user or group:_users' \
      '-e+[erase access for a user or group]:user or group:_users' \
      '-d+[delete flag from file]:flag' \
      '-f+[set specified flag]:flag' \
      '-i+[initialise history from specified file]:file:_files' \
      '-m+[insert specified MR numbers into commentary]' \
      '-t+[insert descriptive text from specified file]:file:_files' \
      '-y+[specify comment for initial delta]'
    _arguments "$ropt" "$sfiles" \
      '-m+[specify MR numbers to add/delete in delta comment]' \
      '-y+[specify the comment]:comment' \
    _arguments "$sfiles" \
      '-b[ignore branches]' \
      '(-U)-u+[restrict to files being modified by specified user]::user:_users' \
      '(-u)-U[restrict to files being modified by current user]'
    _arguments '-b[ignore branches]'
    _arguments "$sfiles" \
      '-o[access reconstructed file at delta to be created]' \
      '-s[generate script that will produce a report]' \
      '-p+[specify SID of oldest delta to preserve]:sccs delta id'
      '-c+[specify list of deltas to preserve]:sccs delta list'
  sact|print) _sccs_files;;
  create|enter) _files;;
    _arguments '-s[silent]' '-y+[specify delta commentary]:comment'
    _diff_options diff "$sfiles" "$ropt" "$copt" \
      '-C[output a context diff]'
    _arguments "$sfiles" "$ropt" "$copt" \
      '-e[retrieve for editing]' \
      '-k[retrieve writable copy without checking out]' \
      '-m[precede each line with the delta in which it was added]' \
      '-p[produce retrieved version on standard output]' \
  fix) _arguments "$ropt" "$sfiles";;
    _alternative \
      "commands:sccs command:(${(j: :)subcmds})" \
      'message-codes:sccs message code:' 
    _arguments "$sfiles" "$ropt" "$copt" \
      '-a[include all deltas including those marked removed]' \
      '-e[display delta info for all deltas earlier than that specified]' \
      '-l[display delta info for all deltas later than that specified]' \
      '-d+[specify format of report]:data spec'
    _arguments "$sfiles" "$copt" \
      '-a[include all deltas including those marked removed]' \
      '-b[print the body of the s.file]' \
      '-d[print delta table entries]' \
      '(-d -i -u -f -t)-e[everything - imply other options]' \
      '-i[print serial numbers of included, excluded and ignored deltas]' \
      '-s[print first line only of delta table entries]' \
      '-t[print descriptive text held in s.file]' \
      '-u[print usernames of users allowed to make deltas]' \
      '-r+[exclude delta entries newer than date]:date-time' \
      '-y+[exclude delta entries prior to sid]'
  rmdel) _arguments "$ropt" "$sfiles";;
  sccsdiff) _diff_options diff "$ropt" "$sfiles";;
    _arguments "$sfiles" "$ropt" \
      '-s[silent]' \
      '-m+[compare specified name with the ID keyword in the s.file]:name' \
      '-y+[compare specified type with the ID keyword]:type'
  what) _arguments '-s[stop after first occurrence]' '*:file:_files';;

  *) _message "unknown sccs command: $service";;

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