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Re: Y test failures (zpty)

> It would appear that the get_pty() function is failing.  Why that's
> happening, I couldn't say.  There are two different versions of that
> function in zpty.c -- is the wrong one getting used for some reason?

The one defined is one with /dev/ptyxx.

I'm not entirely certain that this is the wrong one; I have
Unix98 ptys in /dev/pts (this is what nearly everything uses),
and I have /dev/pty?? as compatibility symlinks to /dev/pty/m[0-9]+.
The nodes in /dev/pty are char devices (major 2), which are the
traditional BSD-style pty's.

> Has the naming convention for pty devices changed?

Unix98 ptys showed up as an option quite some time ago, but
you used to be able to still get BSD-style pty's if you asked
for one.

I imagine that something could be broken with the kernel or devfsd.
Irrespective of that, I'd think that zsh should do the /dev/ptmx
decision at runtime.  Would this hurt anything?

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