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Re: (backward-)kill-argument

On Mar 15,  9:55am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} > i want to:
} >   * kill filenames w/  spaces: e.g.    this\ is\ file.txt
} Write yourself a little widget. As a starting point:
}   kill-with-spaces() {
}     local words
}     words="${(z)BUFFER}"
}     BUFFER="${BUFFER%${words[-1]}[ 	]#}"
}   }

That's a nice function, Sven, but I think I'd call it something like
`backward-kill-shell-word', and it ought to test $LBUFFER, not $BUFFER.
If you throw in `setopt localoptions extendedglob', we could even put
it in the distribution,

} (There's a space and a TAB inside that [ ].)

You can write that as [[:space:]] now, I think?

} >   * maybe even the bracketed part:
} >         find  { -name '*.h' }
} > 
} > Is it possible in Zsh?
} Using the above you could check if $words[-1] is one of the closing
} braces and if it is, search back in the array for the matching opening
} brace. When found, you can delete the end of $BUFFER up to that
} matching brace by using a pattern of the form:
}   ${words[-n]}[ 	]##...[ 	]##${words[-1]}[ 	]#

Hmm, I think I'd just do a loop killing words until the open-brace was
missing from $LBUFFER.  So, putting it all together,

    backward-kill-shell-expression() {
        setopt localoptions extendedglob
        local words
        if [[ "$words[-1]" == '}' ]]
            while [[ "${${(@M)words:#[\{\}]}[-1]}" == '{' ]]

This could be extended to handle `( ... )', `[[ ... ]]', etc., and we
could of course also write a forward- version.

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