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zdoc (Re: A Completion Function for FIGlet)

On Mar 20,  1:19am, John Beppu wrote:
}     Many times, I've wished for a tool like perldoc.  It could be called
}     zdoc, and you'd be able to do things like:
}     Reading about modifiers
}         zdoc -m :q
}         zdoc -m :r
}     Reading about flags
}         zdoc -F @
}         zdoc -F U
}     Reading about options
}         zdoc -o promptsubst
}     Reading about functions that come w/ the distribution
}         zdoc -f _arguments
}         zdoc -f _tags
}     etc. 

Try the commands

	info zsh expansion history modifiers
	info zsh expansion parameter
	info zsh options description
	info zsh "completion functions"

(Assuming you've installed the zsh info files, that is.  And you do need
the quotes on the last one.  Run `info standalone invoking' to find out
what is going on there.)

Also have a look at Util/helpfiles, which chops the zsh manual up into bits
and stuffs them in a directory where they can be accessed with the run-help
function (`autoload run-help'); then try using M-h in the middle of a zsh
command line.  [Util/helpfiles could stand to be updated, it doesn't know
about the completion functions and user contributions sections, among other

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