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Re: A Completion Function for FIGlet

[  date  ] 2002/03/20 | Wednesday | 12:13 PM
[ author ] Oliver Kiddle <okiddle@xxxxxxxxxxx> 

> If the article is to be published on the web let me know and I'll add a
> link from the zsh web pages. 

Linux Magazine doesn't put their content on-line until a $few months
after an issue hits the shelves.  I'll get a URL for you when it
becomes available.

> Have you read Peter's user guide in
> addition to the manual? 

Yes, I've read huge chunks of the Zsh User Guide.
[[ Thanks, Peter, for writing it. ]]  
However, I have to admit that it's hard to follow at times, but with a
subject like Zsh, that might be inevitable.  I am still shocked a shell
could be so complex.

> I hope that helps

That helped so much.  Thank you.

package wuv'apqvjgt;($_=join('',(*PgtnHcemgt))) # print map "beppu\@$_\n", qw(
=~ s/([HaP])(?!e)/ \U>$1/g;s/^.|:| (?=A)|>//g;y # cpan.org  lbox.org  binq.org
/c-z/a-u/;print"J$_\n";#$^%$^X@.^ <!-- japh --> # oss.lineo.com codepoet.org);

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