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Re: PATCH: zsh/pcre module building

I didn't mean to neglect this, but I was whisked away on a sudden
impromptu ski trip, and this is possibly my only opportunity to read
e-mail before returning to civilization.

AB> - I hoped to create implementation that would share configure cache and
AB> make is possible to list help from every module's configure script using
AB> top-level configure --help and pass parameters to every module's
AB> configure script using top-level configure.

I think this might be more useful if there were a way to build modules
without the zsh sources (such as a library, header files, and possibly
some site-specific configuration data).
Bart> I believe Clint suggested that we do a configure-time test for whether
Bart> this works, and if not then include the shared object's dependencies in
Bart> the top-level link.  But his patch doesn't do that, yet, I think.

No, it doesn't, and I can only theorize on how to test for such a
condition, since I doubt I have access to any such platforms.

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