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Re: adding the original string as a completion match

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> I thought it would be useful to have the original string added as a
> possible completion in my _match based completion widget similar to how
> _approximate adds it. So the patch below is a cut'n'paste job from
> _approximate into _match which I won't commit unless someone says to.

Nothing against that.

> Thinking about it, the original match could be useful anywhere that it
> goes into menu completion. Would it be possible to have a completer a
> bit like _all_matches (and taking some of the same styles) to add the
> original string? I tend to get the original string by hitting undo and
> just like to see what the original string was so this completer might
> optionally just mention the string in a message.

Something like _all_matches is problematic because whether menu
completion is to be used is decided very late, after all the
completers have been called.  It would be easier to add a style tested
by _main_complete itself saying whether the original string should be
added as a match or only as a description.  Other function could
probably rely on that then?  Or at least that code should check
whether the original string has been added by other means before.

> And another question, is there any way with _all_matches that I can get
> it to just insert all the matches and never list all the things which
> _complete came up with? Something like a tag-order but that doesn't
> work.

There should be a possibility for this by setting compstate[insert]=-1
after _all_matches added that all-matches-match.  Haven't tried,


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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