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_mount linux centric?

_mount under solaris doesn't work.  It gives an error of:

_mount:758: no such file or directory: /etc/mtab

Mainly because the same file is called /etc/mntab rather than /etc/mtab.

I'm not good enough to translate the function.  However the format is very

>From the man page for mnttab under solaris 8 (and I believe it's good
going back to at least solaris 2.6.):

     Each entry is a line of fields separated by  spaces  in  the

          special   mount_point   fstype   options   time


           The name of the resource to be mounted.

           The pathname of the directory on which the  filesystem
           is mounted.

           The file system type of the mounted file system.

           The mount options. (See respective mount  file  system
           man page in SEE ALSO.)

     time  The time at which the file system was mounted.

And under debian it seems to be:

	special   mount_point   fstype   options   ???   ???

So the conversion SHOULD be simple...  However s,/etc/mtab,/etc/mnttab,g
didn't work.


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