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Re: problem with quoting in completion function

Borsenkow Andrej wrote:

> This applies to 4.0.4 as distributed by Mandrake.
> I spent some time trying to understand why the following (suggested by
> Sven) does not work:
>  compset -P "*,"
>  all_sources=( ${all_sources:#(${~IPREFIX//,/|})} )

Bart already suggested using foo=( ${foo:#(${(Q)~IPREFIX//,/|})} ),
which works for me, even inside quotes etc., so nothing new here.

> ...
> If this quoting is intentional it does not seem to be described in
> documentation. But I still do not like it, it comes unexpected enough.
> It makes it impossible to simply  compare strings.

What do you mean by `unexpected'? It has always been this way (module
a couple of bugs, as you know, having been here all the time ;-). And
the string is moved from $PREFIX to $IPREFIX without being changed, so
what could be more expectable?

And maybe you remember, that all this quoting stuff (which I won't
touch again without better reasons) always was a bit of a compromise,
being a very complicated matter -- nowadays even with the possibility
of nested quoting levels and whatnot. And still, it's cleaner now than
it was in previous stable versions.


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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