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Re: _values does not quote inserted matches

On Apr 16,  2:08pm, Borsenkow Andrej wrote:
} Now, this does quote inserted string which is good. Unfortunately, it is
} still confused by inserted quotes ... 

I tried to reproduce this, but I don't have the version of _urpmi that
calls _urpmi_media ... which I didn't notice at first, and then I spent
an inordinate amount of time figuring out why I was getting

zsh% urpmi <TAB>
zsh% urpmi expl=''

It turned out to be an extraneous `local expl' in the version of _urpmi
that I do have:

@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
 	    done < /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg
 	urpmi_rpms )
-	    local pkg foo expl
+	    local pkg foo
 	    local -a pkgs
 	    local -a synthesis

Andrej, please fix that when you're committing your other changes.

} bor@cooker% urpmi --media Contrib\ CD,
} No matches for: `urpmi media'
} Looks like _values get confused by quoting on command line?

I finally did reproduce this with a simpler compdef, and looked at the
_complete_debug output.

The problem doesn't seem to be with _values, per se ... it's either in the
`compvalues' C function, or somewhere down below _describe.

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