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Re: 4.0.5 ?

В Срд, 17.04.2002, в 21:24, Bart Schaefer написал:
> There are entries for 229 article numbers (not necessarily 229 log
> entries) in the dev ChangeLog that do not appear in the branch log.
> (How many do there need to be before we declare 4.2? :-)

IMHO there can be no 4.2 unless module dependency problem is fixed
(dynamic modules that depend on other dynamic modules).

To remind - it is impossible to dlopen() a shared object that has
unresolved data objects even on Linux, that currently rules out any
solution that encodes dependencies in binary itself.

Two possible solutions are

- major rewrite that will eliminate external variables completely. It
may even make code cleaner and create basis for some interesting things
(line multiple ZLE instances) as example

- adding external files that are installed together with binary shared
object and describe dependencies for Zsh.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author