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Re: _values does not quote inserted matches

Andrej wrote:
> Here is updated version. It relies on recent _values fixes. The
> completion is correct for Mandrake 8.2. If you say O.K it will go in
> both head and 4.0.

Are the recent _values fixes going on the 4.0 branch then? I'd say that
was questionable without first checking through _values calls for
quoted strings. Presumably _urpmi can be adjusted for the old _values
fairly easily so if Andrej is happy that it works on each branch, it
gets my okay.

> I'd like to use common with _rpm cache and functions to get list of
> installed RPMs, but _rpm is one large function and I am reluctant to
> split it (I remember somebody was against it, but forgot reasons).

I can't think of any reason why not. It is very similar to the Debian
situation where we have an _deb_packages used by both _dpkg and _apt.
Maybe the reasons against splitting _rpm before was based on rpm being
the only command to complete rpm packages.

Bart wrote:
> Somebody other than me (Peter?  Oliver?  Sven?) should give the OK.

Well I haven't been able to test the _values calling part as it gets
its arguments by parsing urpmi.cfg which I don't have.

Looking over the rest it looks fine. The one thing I see that I would
do differently is to have a single tags loop in _urpmi_rpms instead
of the three consecutive _wanted calls. It also adds source and
binary rpms separately which means that directories get added twice.
I think it'd be better to add them together - a user can always
separate them with a file-patterns style.


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