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Re: [PATCH]always show complete list

On May 02, hdp@xxxxxxxxx contorted a few electrons to say...
Hans> On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 02:42:57PM -0400, joel w. reed wrote:
Hans> > this patch adds a config option LISTALWAYS that if set, makes 
Hans> > zsh-4.0.4 always show the complete list if the completion 
Hans> > resulted in only a partial completion (to help the user decide
Hans> > what to type next w/o the need for another TAB).
Hans> > 
Hans> > lets say i have a directory with 2 entries:
Hans> > 
Hans> >   opal-3.0.4
Hans> >   opal-4.0 
Hans> > 
Hans> > my patched zsh will show the following after i type 'cd oTAB'
Hans> > 
Hans> > (%:~/src) cd opal-    
Hans> > opal-3.0.4/  opal-4.0/
Hans> zsh already does this.
Hans> see AUTO_LIST (which is on by default) and LIST_AMBIGUOUS in zshoptions.
Hans> Specifically, if you setopt NO_LIST_AMBIGUOUS, the above behavior is
Hans> observed.

awesome! well it was nice poking around in the code for the first
time anyway...


Hans> hdp.

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