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Re: Compile errors for zsh 4.0.4 on Aix 4.3.3

On May 9,  9:08am, travis@xxxxxxxx wrote:
} The Etc/MACHINES file said you want more info on this error.

Hmm, actually I should have re-read Etc/MACHINES more closely before I

The error that you're seeing:

} "termcap.c", line 71.13: 1506-334 (S) Identifier boolcodes has already been defined on line 1342 of "/usr/include/term.h".

is happening *because* "Zsh now defaults to termcap on AIX;" the problem
about which we want more information is "variables boolcodes and some other
are declared in term.h but missing is libcurses.a."

It's a bit confusing that your build actually included term.h even though
it was supposedly defaulting to termcap, so that might still be worth
looking into, but it's not the problem Etc/MACHINES is talking about.

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