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tag-order problem

Just found problem in my _service/_services

_service calls _services to complete list of available services. Because
_services normally completes both init and xinetd, I presumed I could
limit matches by setting tag-order; in this case:

zstyle :completion::complete:service:argument-1: tag-order init -

(meaning - for the first argument of service somplete only tag `init').

It did restrict services set to init only - but it also stopped dead
options completion.

Setting tags to `options init -' does allow options completion - both in
first and second word as well; third and subsequent are completed
normally (after -TAB three times:

{pts/2}% service --debug --full-restart httpd-naat
Completing init services
httpd-naat  syslog-ng

Looking in traces, it seems that

_arguments in _service correctly setups requested tags (that are
argument-1 and options) and does not use the above tag-order style at

first call to _tags in tags loop is O.K.; next `_requested argument-1'
also returns true

next call to _tags is still true

but call to `_requested options' fails.

If no tag-order is defined it works correctly but then both sets are
listed (that I'd like to avoid). 


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