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Re: PATCH: more selection

On Mon, 13 May 2002, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> This patch is more advanced warning of future pain than anything else,
> in case anyone wants to scream at the very idea.
> The following patch adds an fd-watching facility to zle.  You tell zle
> (via zle -F) to select on an fd and give it a function handler.  When data
> is available for reading on that handle (only reading, at the moment),
> the handler will be called, and zle will sail on without returning.
> This allows you to handle input from other sources while the shell is
> inactive waiting for terminal input.  It's all handled synchronously
> within zle, so it should be free of the hazards of asynchronous input.

Is it posible to extend it to set timeouts while waiting for input? This
could be used to update prompts as example (often asked question - how to
get time in prompt).

My only concern is that if there is any chance handler will block you can
just as well kill your shell - there is no way to give shell input


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