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RE: PATCH: _info completion

> > 4 lines of parameter substitution is daunting but it tries to parse
> > three different line entry formats with on regexp and also account
> > subtle differences in formatting I have encountered. Suggestions how
> > simplify it are gratefully accepted :-)
> I'm impressed. I thought about doing this some while ago and decided
> that it was just more hassle than it was worth, even with info -o.
> I haven't yet tried to understand the substitution yet either.

Actually it is quite simple. It takes info -o - output, cuts off
evrything after "--- Detailed Node Listing ---" (which sometimes has
spaces around sometimes not) then gets all lines "* xxx" except "*
Menu:" and then tries to extract node names and descriptions, where
lines match one of

* Node: (file)section. Description   - top level dir
* Node:: Description                 - normal menu
* Node: section                      - index

(I think listing sections for index entries makes sense; if not it can
already be simplified :-) 

nothing really exciting.


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