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Re: _rsync duplicated options in completion

On May 15,  1:52pm, Wayne Davison wrote:
} Subject: _rsync duplicated options in completion
} I've noticed that the _rsync completer duplicates most (all?) of the
} options.  For instance, if I type "--include-f<TAB>" it lists one with
} a description and one without, but won't complete the option name any
} further.

The problem is that the `--' argument to _arguments is causing the
output from `rsync --help' to be merged with the long list of options
provided in the completion function itself.  Instead of recognizing
that there are overlaps, every option is being presented twice.

There additionally seems to be a navigation problem with menu selection.
Complete after `rsync --' (so that all combinations of options are in
the menu) and then begin scrolling down.  On an 80-column terminal, you
ventually come to a place where a blank line appears in the display.  If
you scroll down across this, you can't scroll back up again; rather you
have to cycle off the bottom to get back to the top.

On May 15, 10:18pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Perhaps the -- stuff should be removed if it can't coexist well.

Clearly there's a bug that needs fixing, probably related to the code
to coalesce identical descriptions for the same option.

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