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Re: _auto-apt

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 05:34:23PM +0200, Bruno Bonfils wrote:

> i attach the _auto-apt completion function that just i finish to
> write. But i still have one problem :
>  _wanted distribution expl 'distribution' compadd -q -S, $distribs
> as you can see, user can use one or many distrubitions, comma
> separated, thats why i add the -S, So, when i a do
> auto-apt -a <tab>
> i have the completion for main,contrib,non-free,etc..., but :
> auto-apt -a main,<tab> do nothing

That is because it doesn't know that it should ignore the `main,'
for the purposes of matching. By doing:
  compset -P '*,'
you could make it chop off everything up to the last comma. You
would also probably want compset -S ',*' so that it works with
tab pressed in the middle of a list.

However, in this instance, it would be much easier to just use
  _values -s , 'distribution' $distribs
as _values does all that work for you.


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