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Re: Menu selection

--- Sven Wischnowsky  wrote:
> I had been thinking about that, too, and, if it's going to be
> incremental searching -- which it should -- it's not entirely trivial
> to implement. ....
> It makes completion be re-tried after every selfinsert-key. This is a
> bit like incremental searchin, only that the whole completion list
> changes to include only the set of possible matches.
> character into the line). And probably a way to set the default
> behaviour (i.e. when menu selection is first entered).

I frequently use the "history-incremental-search-backward" zle widget.
And I find that I would really like the power of matching control. (I
use completion with matching control even more frequently, so I've
started to type with pivot points in mind.)  So if I have history like:

	% mount_work read-only
	% cd /work
	% more README
	% cd /tmp
	% unmount_work

If I do a "history-incremental-search-backward" with "m_w", it would
find the "mount_work" command line if my matching spec makes the "_" a
pivot character.  (Likewise, "u_w" would find unmount_work, and "r-o"
would find the mount_work command.)

It seems like what you are suggesting will make something like
this possible.  I hope this incremental searching could be used in an
alternative widget to the "history-incremental-search-backward" widget,
but with matching control.

I think one of the other problems with trying to use completion for a
"history-incremental-search-backward" alternative, is the need of completion
to quote&blackslash multi-word completions.


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