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Re: zsh: Strange feature with 'jobs' commmand

On 30 May, you wrote:
> > Incidentally, I think bash special cases the jobs builtin and would
> > run less in a subshell in this case instead. Could we do something like
> IIRC bash runs right part of every pipe in subshell. We run left pipe.

I think I have read something about a special case on a newsgroup
somewhere. A quick grep in the bash sources reveals a jobs_hack variable
which has a comment saying that it is there to allow jobs to be piped
but that may be solving some other issue.

> This makes it possible to do something like
> foo | read FOO_RESULT

ksh93 manages to do both this and piped output from jobs so it must be
possible. I just think it is a bit crap that it doesn't work because it
will take anyone who doesn't know by surprise.

> Anyway, I am afraid, changing it requires quite a major rewrite. And in

Tricks like jobs > >(cat -) sort-of work so I was thinking a special
case hack for jobs might not need a big rewrite. But I've never gone
near that part of zsh's code so wouldn't know.


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