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Re: Menu selection

On 19 Jun, you wrote:
> Below is an improved patch, still not committed.

This is good but I have a couple of observations:

If I do ls -<tab><tab><ctrl-s>exc, the prompt changes to `failing
isearch'. It is matching the word `except' and the `c' didn't enable it
to move on to another entry so it says it is failing but this doesn't
seem correct because it is still matching the word `except'. It should
only say failing when there really is nothing found.

Keeping with ls, if I do a search for `co' and then repeatedly press
Ctrl-S to cycle between the matching completions, I have to press Ctrl-S
twice to move off the --color option. Perhaps because `co' matches in
both the match and description.

The binding of backspace to undo is not ideal when cycling between
matches because it goes back through the matches before removing
characters off the end of the search string.

> +item(tt(viinsert))(
> +this toggles between normal and interactive mode; in interactive mode
> +the keys bound to tt(self-insert) and tt(self-insert-unmeta) insert in
> +the same way as normally but without leaving menu selection; instead,
> +the set of matches will be reduced to contain only those matches the
> +changed command line by calling completion again; the completion
> +widgets make the longest unabiguous string be inserted in the command
> +line and tt(undo) and tt(backward-delete-char) go back to the previous
> +set of matches

Before you commit this, the `m' in unambiguous is missing and the
sentence seems to have a word missing (inserting `for' between `matches'
and `the' would be one fix). I also think the `normally' should be
`normal' but I'm not certain on that.


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