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Re: PATCH: zle recursive editing.

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> On Jun 30,  9:53pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> } Subject: PATCH: zle recursive editing.
> }
> } This simple patch (only the trivial function recursiveedit is new, the
> } rest is just rearrangement, mostly to move the core functions from
> } zlemain to a new function zlecore) has a lot of mileage.
> Cool.  Now if there were some way to get the various "minibuffer" commands
> like execute-named-command to use recursive editing with a separate keymap,
> we could really do some interesting stuff.

Another thing I thought of which might be useful is a way to protect
areas of the display, so for example if you are using a widget like
select-list you can't move off the list until you accept something or
break.  I think you could do something like this without too much
difficulty by using a special parameter like $PREDISPLAY (maybe also
$POSTDISPLAY, since this gives you more control than zle -M), which would
insert the given lines before (or after) $BUFFER.  This could probably
be done within zle_refresh (and zle_parameter, of course).  It would
probably have to be line-orientated to avoid weird interactions with the
normal buffer, although maybe even that restriction is avoidable.

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