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RE: 64bit Zsh for Solaris?

> I'm looking at using zsh for creating a tool by using the loadable
> facility - it looks great.
> My problem is that I need a 64 bit version (i.e. compiled to produce a
> bit binary) for Solaris. I've tried both the Sun compiler (which I
> prefer to use) and the GNU C compiler; zsh compiles fine, but it fails
> number of the tests in the test suite.
> The code model we use on Solaris is LP64 (i.e. longs and pointers
> 64
> bit)
> The reason I need a 64 bit version is so I can mmap() huge files (i.e.
> the order of > 4 GB)

You do not need LP64 model to manage large files. Zsh should already
detect LFS support and configure itself accordingly. See --enable-lfs
flag to configure. This of course assumes that your version of Solaris
does support LFS.

> Do you know of anyone that has covered this area before? I don't want
> reinvent the wheel (or make some other stupid mistake).

Has been done long long ago.

I once tried to build Zsh in LP64 mode but I guess I had some problems
and I do not think it is really needed. LP64 is needed for programs
requiring very large address space, like database servers. Zsh hopefully
will never requires address space above 1GB and if it does it must be a
bug :-)

Of course patches that allow clean LP64 model for zsh are welcome.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author