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Re: Problem with /cygdrive and (#i) globbing flag

"Vagn Johansen" wrote:
> />ls /cygdrive/c/c* 
> /cygdrive/c/chop.txt  /cygdrive/c/cygwin.zip
> />ls (#i)/cygdrive/c/c*
> zsh: no matches found: (#i)/cygdrive/c/c*

The problem is that the /cygdrive is a bogus directory.  To do
case-insensitive matching, zsh has to compare every entry in every
directory to see if it matches, even if it doesn't contain wildcards.
So it starts be looking at all the files in /, and fails to find

I think you can get away with `mkdir /cygdrive' --- at least it seems to
work for me.  Now zsh can see it when it looks at the root directory,
but cygwin still treats the path specially, so reading /cygdrive shows
all the drives.

Another sure-fire method is to put the (#i) after the bit you don't need
to compare case-insensitively, i.e. /cygdrive/c/(#i)c*.  This should be
faster, for reasons which the first paragraph should indicate.

Of course, zsh doesn't *need* to do all that work to get case
insensitivity under Windows, but it would be hard work convincing it

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