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Re: Quoting in zsh -x output

Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
> I suggest modifying the zsh `-x' output to quote its arguments the way
> Bash does.  What do the others think?

This would be nice, but it's not a trivial change.  The xtrace output is
done at the last minute after quoting information has been stripped.
This is deliberate, in order to output exactly what is being evaluated
after all substitutions, which is the information you can't get any
other way.  This is at odds with showing all the quotes.  It's possible
there's some compromise position which would show a lot of everything
--- the quotes get stripped at quite a late stage.  However, there's no
way of doing it perfectly without a great deal of work --- consider
expansions like "$@".

You could try the `verbose' option, which works at the input end of the
command chain.

(In case anybody assumes otherwise, I have zero time to work on this
myself for the foreseeable future.)

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