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PATCH: getopts fails on empty string

We used to have new getopts bugs turning up just about every
week... this is just like old times.  We really need a test.

If getopts encounters an empty string on the command line, it will
ignore the argument and go on to the next one.  Typically this means
$OPTIND is one too large, but if the next word looks like an option
other things could happen.

By the way, I've committed Dan's xtrace patch.

Index: Src/builtin.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Src/builtin.c,v
retrieving revision 1.78
diff -u -r1.78 builtin.c
--- Src/builtin.c	1 Aug 2002 15:06:25 -0000	1.78
+++ Src/builtin.c	1 Aug 2002 15:39:42 -0000
@@ -3518,6 +3518,8 @@
     /* find place in relevant argument */
     str = unmetafy(dupstring(args[zoptind - 1]), &lenstr);
+    if (!lenstr)		/* Definitely not an option. */
+	return 1;
     if(optcind >= lenstr) {
 	optcind = 0;

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