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Occasional 'job table full or recursion limit exceeded'

There are times I will see the following error in my long running active
	_description:70: job table full or recursion limit exceeded

I only see this message when attempting to perform completions.  The usual
place I hit the problem is with filename completion on cvs commands.  Though I
will see this problem elsewhere (like this one was when I was completing
'./configure --prefix=<TAB>').  The actual function hitting the problem will
change from each attempt at calling completion.

My job table is not full.  This is a completion I regularly perform without a
problem.  Also, it is possible later in the same shell to have this problem
cleared.   Though once I hit the problem, I can reproduce it reliably, the
completion will always fail, until it clears itself (if it does clear).   (Not
sure what is clearing it.)

This problem was been around for some time, so it's not due to recent changes. 
Not sure if it is the job table or completion.

Any thoughts?


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author