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Re: ../ in PATH and completion

On Sep 29,  1:49am, Clint Adams wrote:
} Subject: ../ in PATH and completion
} A/1% PATH=/tmp/testdir
} A/2% fo<TAB>
} (will offer foobin as a completion, and hash it)
} or
} B/1% PATH=/tmp/otherdir/../testdir
} B/2% fo<TAB>
} (will not offer foobin, and not hash it)

This is caused by hashdirs() skipping directories for which isrelative()
returns true.  It's entirely possible that isrelative() should not return
true for /absolute/../rest; but as of this writing, it does.

} In contrast, bin_whence likes it just fine.

That's because bin_whence() calls findcmd(), which does a direct search
of the path without using hashdirs().  The completion system always uses
the hash tables, and is therefore at the mercy of the HASH_* setopts.

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