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Re: Argument list

> > I created a directory with 100000 files to test the new htree patch
> > for the ext3 filesystem, and found a ¿bug? when I tried to remove all
> > the files. The command 'rm *' gave the error 'zsh: argument list too
> > long'. If expansion doesn't support so many parameters, what it's the
> > supossed way to remove all these files without deleting the
> > directory?
> You sure the error wasn't 'zsh: argument list too long: rm' ?

You're right, that was the full error line. I didn't put the rm because
i thought it wasn't important, my fault.

> internal shell wildcard expansion has no argument limit.  execve()
> does.  Either raise your kernel's limit (sorry; don't know how to do it
> on Linux), 

I've been trying to raise some limits, but none of them affect the number of 
parameters execve() supports, maybe is possible to change it in linux through
some /proc variable, or a kernel recompilation is needed.

I just wanted to know if this was a zsh related problem, now i'll look forward
to know how to change execve limits.

Thanks to all the replies ;),

David Gómez

"The question of whether computers can think is just like the question of
 whether submarines can swim." -- Edsger W. Dijkstra

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