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Re: [doogie@xxxxxxxxxx: Bug#163391: unset array[key] where key is non-existent doesn't fail]

On Oct 5,  1:31pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} I'm not sure to what "contract" he's referring, but SUSv3 says
}   Unsetting a variable or function that was not previously set shall not
}   be considered an error and does not cause the shell to abort.
} and that unset should return a >0 exit status if any of the "name"
} operands cannot be unset.
} Of course, it knows nothing about associative arrays.

Exactly.  The variable "aarray" WAS previously set (by "declare -A").
The fact that a particular hash key was not assigned-to is irrelevant.

zsh -c 'typeset non_existant_var;
	unset non_existant_var && echo consistent || echo inconsistent'

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