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Re: PATCH Re: [doogie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Bug#163237: zsh barfs on valid shell]

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> On Oct 3,  4:43pm, Clint Adams wrote:
> } Subject: [doogie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx: Bug#163237: zsh barfs on valid shell]
> }
> } This happens under emulate -R sh as well.
> } 
> } ----- Forwarded message from Adam Heath <doogie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> -----
> } 
> } case foo in (foo)echo foo;;(bar)echo bar;;esac
> } zsh:zsh: parse error near `foo'
> This is because "(foo)echo" is being parsed as a file pattern [equivalent
> to "(foo|foo)echo" for those who don't immediately see why it's being
> parsed that way].
> This is an inherent ambiguity in using parens for pattern grouping and is
> going to have to stay the way it is when not in emulation mode.

An option `case_balance_parens' would be a possibility.  The reasoning
for this would be (1) balancing the parentheses is neater anyway, so
having a test to force better syntax is useful (2) inside $(...),
balancing is essential, so using the option makes it consistent.  It
couldn't be on by default, though, so you wouldn't get it with `emulate
zsh', which makes it less useful.

The SH_GLOB test is definitely better for Bourne-style use.

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