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Re: Recursion and shell functions

    Hi Oliver :))

> >     The only requirement is a SuSv3 compatible shell :(
> I'm not sure whether SuSv3 defines a behaviour for a recursive
> function. If you test it on a few implementations it should be okay.

    It does not, but it is supported at least in zsh and bash. When
released I suppose that people will test it under more shells.

> > >   set *
> Note than in a zsh that isn't emulating Bourne, this might result
> in an error when * doesn't match anything.

    I've thought of a solution: we create some 'fake' file so the
asterisk at least expands to that file. There is no problem with
this, since we have control over the source directory and we can
write over it. Anyway we would like a better solution O:)))

    All this is for a 'configure' clone that I'm doing called MOBS
(My Own Build System) that I use in my projects. It's GPL'd and will
be released (at least!) in a couple of weeks.

> > > Something like find is going to be more reliable though.
> If you do this, you might want to take a little care over a few things

    Thanks for your advise :))). I'll try to make it as reliable as I
can. And if I think of a better solution for the '*' expansion issue,
I will tell on the list :)

    Thanks a lot for your help :)))) You've saved me a lot of (unpaid
but pleasant) work :)))


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