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EXIT trap and the return status

I was trying to work out why the _prefix completer that follows
_approximate at the end of my completers is never being run in zsh 4.1.
The trace looks like this:

+_approximate:113> return 1
+_main_complete:1> unfunction compadd
+_main_complete:156> ret=0 
+_main_complete:157> break 2

The `unfunction compadd' comes from _approximate doing
  trap 'unfunction compadd' EXIT INT
The problem is that because that trap is successful, _approximate is
returning 0 instead of 1. This possibly has something to do with the
change in 17250. It doesn't seem right to me (and is inconsistent with
ksh93). So is this a bug? If not, I'll adjust _approximate.


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