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Re: I/O redirection problem in "zsh"

On 25 Oct, you wrote:
> the I/O redirection in the following command doesn't work properly in "zsh":
> grep localhost /etc/hosts fasel 2>&1 >/dev/null | cat -b
> tron@colwyn:~>grep localhost /etc/hosts fasel 2>&1 >/dev/null | cat -b
>      1  grep: fasel: No such file or directory
>      2  /etc/hosts:::1                                  localhost
>      3  /etc/hosts:                            localhost

This is an effect of the multios option. If you do an unsetopt multios,
it will work the same as in sh. Multios allows shorthands for the tee
command so the output above is sent to both /dev/null and the pipe which
you can see if you use a file instead of /dev/null.


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