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Re: Bug+patch: zsh fails to set itself as process group leader when running interactively

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Philippe Troin <phil@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Found in 4.0.6 (and earlier).
> > 
> > If zsh is spawned interactively from another program, it fails to
> > establish itself as a process group leader, leading to deliveries of
> > terminal-related signals to both zsh and its parent. Generally the
> > parent dies, leaving two shells reading from the same terminal.
> >
> > Terminal I/O is pretty tricky, so I hope I did not screw up anything :-)
> I'm not really competent to look at terminal process group handling.  I am
> committing this on the main trunk and if it seems to work we can put it on
> 4.0, too.  I suspect it's a good deal better than the old code.

I'm reading zsh-workers, but if some problems were to happen with the
patch (like portability issues), please notify me so that I can have a
chance to look at it before it gets pulled out.


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