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zcompsys space character problem

I've noticed a bug (at least I think it is, with zsh it often turns
out to be a feature so complex you don't recognise it) in zcompsys.

To reproduce:
autoload -U compinit
mkdir "a a"
mkdir "a aa"
touch "a a/foo"
touch "a aa/foo"

now typing 'ls a\ a/f' and hitting tab (bound to expand-or-complete)
will not complete 'foo' but will jump to the cursor to the /. Repeated
application of tab will try to complete the 'a a' in some options
defined way. However, if the directories are called 'aa' and 'aaa'
(without spaces) zsh behaves as expected and completes to foo if tab
is hit.

This has been tested using zsh 4.1.0-dev-5, using no startup files.

Please CC me, I'm not on the list.

Frank v Waveren                                      Fingerprint: 21A7 C7F3
fvw@[var.cx|stack.nl|dse.nl|chello.nl] ICQ#10074100     1FF3 47FF 545C CB53
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